As we approach the end of the year it is typically the time that a lot of work projects slow down as the holiday season is generally not a great time for getting stuff done.  This year will be an exception however.  The new massive government building we are opening is scheduled to open right around the end of the year so instead of slowing down my to do list is going to swell, tremendously.  I have been through this rodeo a number of times so it will be ok, this is just the largest facility we have ever been involved in.

Popcorn the chicken is not feeling well, again.  For many, many months she has been on a roller coaster of wellness.  Astute blog readers may recall she is the chicken I probed with my finger, trying to determine if she was egg bound at one point.  I routinely have been trying to clean her vent with a hose as I try to hold her still, it’s a pretty challenging one person job.   For awhile I have felt that it is only a matter of time until she passes on.  I am pretty sure whatever she is suffering from ties into her affinity for drinking disgusting standing water when it is available.  I have been adding Zyfend (natural dewormer) to their water for a couple weeks to try to knock out whatever it is but she is still not doing well.  Chicken ownership has definitely not turned out to be what I expected, at all, but how many things actually do. Not many in my experience.


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