Run, Great timing

The Eagles had another surprising outcome yesterday, beating the Saints 40-29.  With a score like that you would assume Jalen Hurts threw the ball all over the place.  Actually he didn’t, instead he ran for three TD’s and the Birds as a team ran very effectively.  Ever since the Siriani realized he needed to run the ball more than 30% of the plays the offense has been transformed.  Long, run dominant drives also has the side effect of keeping the Eagles suspect defense off the field longer an added bonus.  The team now sits at a 5-6 record with a bunch of in division games on their schedule.  They control their destiny because the NFC East is once again a weak division.

The last couple days I have been dealing with illness.  I have not gotten sick in something like two years so of course the first concern is covid, although I didn’t feel like I had a fever.  It just feels like an unpleasant cold.  A co-worker came to work sick Friday and I am pretty certain that is the source.  I felt increasingly shitty as Sunday wore on.  Last night I woke up at 3AM and was unable to fall back asleep.  I am can’t call out sick in a conventional way because we are shorthanded so I am manning the ship remotely, which is totally doable for the overwhelming majority of what I do.

Of course my biggest priority is feeling better before I start the long drive to Texas Wednesday evening.  The idea of doing that with the way I feel currently has zero appeal.

Maybe my illness was exacerbated by getting caught out in the rain during a quick DD ride yesterday.

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