As Bad as it can get, Couch Potato, Random thoughts

So you all recall me complaining about just how saturated the property is after getting slammed with torrential rain repeatedly over the last week or so.  With that in mind you can imagine the joy that filled my heart when I pulled in the driveway and saw that another massive rain event went through during the afternoon, dumping even more water.  It feels like this is about as bad as it can get.  We would likely need a solid week of little to no precipitation in order for the standing water to subside.

This coinciding with Kathy’s health demise has made it equally frustrating.  I moved one of the shelters I built to a high spot in the chicken yard so she didn’t have to be in the coop all day.  I was surprised when I got home to see she actually had the energy to make her way back up into the coop and into the nesting box on the floor.  I feel so badly for her.  I brought out some small cherry tomatoes along with the blueberries last night.  She ate a small amount but nothing substantial.

Last night I edited a video that I actually shot Monday night during the Eagles game.  The video, which I shot entirely from my couch, talks about the latest wheel purchase I made as well as the wheel sales I am doing as a result.  I’m selling three wheels, one of which I dropped off already to get shipped out to Damon in Texas.  If I can sell the other two for the numbers I am thinking it will help greatly in offsetting the huge chunk of money I have spent on PEVs the last few months.

Last night I also shot a brief 13 second YouTube Short.  Shorts have sort of become the new Vine for me, a platform I was very much into in 2013.  It’s all brief quick hitting videos, meant to capture attention.  For some reason my brain will lock into random visuals, moments or sounds that sometimes work out perfectly for this sort of format.  I think last night’s was one of the best.  In less than 12 hours it has 11,000 plus views.