Double dose, Sad silence

Yesterday I did something that I paid dearly for several weeks ago, played pickleball twice in the same day.  I played at lunch, some singles with Kerri, who improves every time we play. After work I rushed home, did the chores and then went to the next door park to play 4 or 5 games of mixed doubles with the crew I have been playing with for a few weeks.  It was good fun.  The last time I pulled this stunt I paid a pretty steep price physically as I also played the following Friday at lunch. (which I am doing again today)  I could hardly move at that point.  Knock on wood, my soreness and pain this time around is much more manageable. Heck I even have ideas in my head of doing the 10 mile bike tonight AND weeding the property, crazy.

So Kathy is still hanging in there.  When I got home from pickleball last night she had once again made her way up into the coop and was sitting in the nesting box I have on the floor.  She is weak, frail, and light.  However up until recently she was still talking.  With many of my chickens when I would talk to them they would respond with their own unique noises.  Kathy has always been one of the chattiest, especially when I present food or say her name.  The sounds have stopped, which again based on my unfortunately extensive experience with chickens means there isn’t much gas left in the tank.  Regardless when I am out there I pet her a bunch which she still seems to like.  Every time I leave her I tell her she is a good girl and that I love her.  I never know if it will be my final opportunity to do so.

We have had two days of minimal rain.  As a result I hope to be able to get something accomplished in the mucky yard this weekend.  I also may be going on a shopping trip to Sam’s with Monique and some of her family.  Evidently they have not been to Sam’s in a few years so I figured since I am a long standing member I could give them a fresh tour.  I have a number of other things on my radar that are swirling around with no particular priority order.