A quick run through, Live Again?

The predicted path for Ian still is pretty favorable for our immediate area.  The center of the storm is predicted to be pretty far west when it passes Collier County.  Despite this schools have already closed for today and tomorrow.  The Clerk of Courts has also closed.  I’m not sure if our office will close tomorrow or not, if it does it would likely only be if other local county agencies did first. I went outside and did very minor prep for the storm, pushing pool deck furniture close to the house, untying one side of the solar shade in the rock garden and putting away a few loose items.  When Cindy lived with me the deck had a lot more stuff on it so that alone took awhile to secure.  I guess there is an advantage to the minimalism I have outside the house nowadays.

My latest wheel arrived yesterday.  Despite just doing a live stream two nights prior I decided to do another unboxing stream last night, they are normally fun.  I did something that I tried multiple times to do in the past unsuccessfully, run a two camera set up.  I set up my laptop and connected it to the stream so it could point at my table that had the wheel on it.  I think it turned out well other than the onboard camera on the laptop being sort of low quality.  The stream went a little over two hours and was actually more viewed than Saturday night’s stream, with less notice.  Maybe Monday nights are a better slot to stream since most normal human beings have plans on a Saturday night.