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Yesterday was pretty shitty at work due to someone pulling the plug on the building not once but three times.  The biggest casualty was one of our virtual servers that I had to restore from the previous back up.  There have been some scattered collateral damage as well but at this point things seem back to normal.  The bad news is the UPS tech is supposed to be back today to replace whatever component burned up.  I am hoping this procedure completes without incident.

The senate officially ended the impeachment trial without calling any additional witnesses or requesting any new documents, despite clear evidence that both of these things would have further solidified an already overbearing case against Trump abusing his power to gain potential political advantage.  There was never any doubt that it would be impossible to get a super majority to go against Donald yet the process was carried out.

I was touched by Mitt Romneys speech where he explained that his sincere commitment to God made it impossible for him to toe the line that he was asked to stand behind by Trump apologists.  He swore to be impartial and if anyone that heard all of the evidence was truly impartial going in, they would almost certainly reach the same conclusion.  He will certainly be the object of now standard bullying and mockery which is a staple of American politics, brought to the foreground by our glorious, extremely stable, perfect, super sized, big league genius president who has an IQ so huge that he blocked release of his school records to obscure it.

The realist in me wonders what was the point?  If the big picture goal was to get big dummy out of office, did this process help or hinder it? The idealist in me agrees that even if it’s obvious that ultimate removal from office is unreachable, ignoring abhorrent behavior only encourages more of it to occur. We see this every single day in all aspects of life.  Rewarding bad behavior is becoming the norm in our society and it leads nowhere but downward.

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