Assume again makes an ass out of u and me, Et Tu Barrte’

So after two and a half months my Veteran Sherman finally arrived, the most expensive PEV I have ever purchased.  I unboxed the wheel on a live stream as that normally makes for somewhat interesting content.  After unboxing it I noticed shortly thereafter that there had been a mistake, the wheel had the wrong tire installed.  The Sherman normally comes with a large knobby tire but also can be ordered with a normal street tire if you desire.  I selected the knobby tire with my order as that was what was on the demo unit I tested several months back, and I liked it.  My frustration and disappointment in this discovery was captured on stream.

I emailed the dealer on stream as well, informing them of the mistake.  Others watching the stream reported that this was not an issue just I was having, others reported the same deal, ordering a knobby tire and getting the street version.  Jason from Ewheels emailed me back within a few minutes confirming the mistake not only with my wheel but with many others.  Evidently they were told that all of the wheels from the manufacturer were the knobby tire variety.  They assumed what they were told was true and shipped the units out without verifying.  It turns out about 20% of the wheels had the wrong tire.

So Jason asked if I would be ok with them just sending me a knobby tire.  I agreed, knowing that doing so meant I was signing up for the rather arduous process of tearing down the wheel to replace the rubber.  It wasn’t a scenario that appealed to me but the idea of going through the hassle and additional delay of sending the entire wheel back and waiting for another was even less appealing.  Plus swapping out the tire will make for good YouTube content so that is the route I am taking.

The stream went on for close to three hours somehow.  It spun off into various tangents along the way like VR, old gaming consoles and a bunch of other stuff.  After it wrapped up I did take the Sherman out for 5 minutes into the very chilly night air.  We have our most significant cold front this year right now, temps this morning were in the low to mid-40s.

I thought it was hilarious as Don has continued to spew “rigged election” everywhere he can, William Barr, who has ruined his reputation backing up Trump’s various sideshows came out yesterday and said definitively that there was NO evidence of widespread fraud in the presidential election.  I was rather surprised that a well established boot licker like Barr would make such a statement and I wonder how long it is until Trump calls him a loser too.  I guess unlike Republicans that are still in congress who have to continue to act like they support Trump else face repercussions from the lunatic fringe diehards, Barr doesn’t really need to give two f’s if he appeases the lamest of duck President anymore.  It really does sadden me that so many people continue to live in this hateful, ignorant, delusional world that Donald Trump has created.

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