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Yesterday on the way to work I talked about the latest Tesla update that added some cool new features.  I also discussed the second half of the road trip, especially the hit and run incident as well as the near miss on I-95.  Feel free to check it out if you have 20 minutes to kill.

For a long time I have been waiting for my second YouTube channel, EUC Army, to reach 1000 subscribers.  It is the channel where I ONLY post PEV videos.  Getting to 1000 subscribers means I can start monetizing the videos there as well which presumably should help boost my monthly ad revenue check from Google.  Of course I am nowhere near the point where I could hope to create enough secondary income to retire early from the conventional workforce but that doesn’t mean I won’t stop trying. 🙂

I am not doing well physically for the last several months.  It all started with the shoulder injury that left my right arm dead for the better part of two weeks.  As far as I can guess this was brought on by doing thousands of push ups and little else for resistance training while the gyms were closed.  I went to a month of physical therapy which brought basic function back to the shoulder but push ups and pull ups still do not feel normal by any means.

Another thing I started doing during lock down was running the parking garage on Fridays.  It was tough but I enjoyed the extra challenge of running the inclines and declines of the ramps. Three or four Fridays ago I completed a run and didn’t recall feeling anything outside of the normal fatigue during the run.  However that night my left knee which is my “good” one that has not been operated on, started to hurt, badly.

Over the last 20 years I have had a lot of knee problems, mostly volleyball related.  The two surgeries I had were on my right knee for meniscus damage.  Based on that experience I am pretty sure I have some meniscus damage in my left knee as well now.  The symptoms are swelling and pain in the joint that leave me walking around like someone out of a geriatric ward.  It’s especially bad when I get up after sitting for awhile whether it be in the car or my office chair.  The first 20-30 steps it hurts badly to put weight on the leg.

Like I said I have two decades of dealing with knee issues.  I am hoping whatever is floating around in there causing inflammation dissolves or heals.  The last thing I want to do is entertain the idea of getting surgery on the left knee.  There is a good chance that this event has signaled the end of my running days.  It may be exclusively low impact cardio for me from here on out.  I am trying to walk the tight rope between letting it heal and doing my normal activities both at home and the gym.  So far it feels like I am doing a pretty poor job at balancing as my limp is as bad as ever this far removed from the original injury.

The other part of my body that has been not feeling great is my lower back.  I have a pretty steady soreness back there which is punctuated by disturbing crunching sounds from that region when I do certain movements at home and at the gym. That injury isn’t nearly as debilitating as the knee thing so I am more or less ignoring that one.

It really is pointless for a 52 year old man to complain about aches, pains, and injuries.  It’s all part of what you deal with as you age.  My tendency to still try to push myself in ways perhaps unwise for someone my age doesn’t help the situation but I’m unwilling to go peacefully into the night of oldness.


So is it more or less inevitable that the majority of the population will contract covid 19 either symptomatically or asymptomatically?  It sure is  seeming that way to me more and more everyday.  The amount of confirmed cases are through the roof and there are likely 5-10 more unconfirmed cases for every confirmed one because asympotmatic people normally wont get tested.  I heard that 40% of people going into hospitals for non-covid reasons are testing positive for the virus, just to give you an idea of how widespread it is.

The other alarming thing is how the ICU bed availability, which was mocked by the no maskers a couple months ago is now approaching capacity in hotspot locations, which there are many of.   I find it incredible that many businesses and sports leagues that deal with large masses of human beings are pressing forward to reopen.  I just don’t know how you can do it if minimizing transmission is the objective.

At some point I think that contracting covid 19 is going to be more likely than less likely.  For the majority of the population it should be a minimal event however if you are in the unlucky group of people that have a very bad experience with the virus you are out of luck.  However even if the inevitable outcome is mass infection I don’t think it excuses people from doing whatever they can to take responsibility for minimizing their chances of transmitting covid 19. Asking people to knock down their transmission circle with a mask and not voluntarily putting yourself into crowded situations wherever possible isn’t a huge request IMO.  I know being courteous of others is not something that is regularly practiced in modern US society but hopefully this mess is enough to bring it back into fashion.

In a blink of an eye the three day holiday weekend has come and gone.  It is sort of nuts just how much stuff was packed into those 72 hours but then again this is how I mostly chose to live my life.  On Friday I had two major rides I needed to get done for my V11 review series, a ride to Dunkin Donuts and then a longer ride to Ave Maria later in the day.  In total those rides added up to over 55 miles.  Of course being away last weekend meant I had house chores piled up, the yard badly needed to be attended to.  As the wheel charged in between rides I got out and weed whacked which felt just brutal in the stifling heat and humidity.

The wheel wasn’t done recharging until close to 5PM.  As soon as the charger light went green I hit the road heading towards Ave Maria.  It was a pretty brutal ride as my knee and lower back have not been doing well.  The last 10 miles of the ride was just will power.

I stayed up late Friday night getting one of the two videos edited and uploaded.  On Saturday I had two more videos to shoot and a yard to mow.  This was my first time mowing with my new Husqvarna tractor.  It feels like a Cadillac compared to my 9 year old plus Craftsman which is literally falling apart.  I did one mod to it already, removing the front bumper bar.  It would be nice to have a bumper but it protrudes out another foot or so off the front of the tractor, making certain mowing maneuvers I am used to doing, impossible.

I need to disable the seat interlock which turns off the tractor when you aren’t firmly seated.  This interlock triggers even while going over bumps so it’s really annoying.  The third mod I am considering is trimming down the chute cover on the tractor which is ridiculously long.

I bought a 42 inch deck tractor so I could fit into various tight spaces on the property, including the gates to the front yard and the chicken area.  The chute cover is so extended it makes the 42 inch deck as wide as a 52 inch deck.  For my first mowing session I just pulled the cover up each time I went through a tight spot but it is sort of a hassle.

Outside of those mods, the tractor did a good job although I think I had the deck setting too low as it scalped a few spots in the yard.  I also think I need to adjust some of the deck guide wheels.  The Kawasaki motor in the Husqvarna, although being rated as 3HP less the the Briggs and Stratton in my Craftsman mower, feels more powerful.

Over the weekend I took the beat to hell canopy off the Craftsman and Cindy cleaned it up to get it ready to sell.  I mowed in the blazing sun with just my wide brimmed hat as protection.  It made me anxious to get a sun shade on the Husqvarna as well, it’s just too damn hot otherwise. On Saturday evening Deb came over again for a visit.  Her and Cindy always are funny when together so I get entertainment out of the get togethers.

What wasn’t entertaining was the non-stop fireworks that went late into the night.  Poor Elsa spent most of the evening shivering in the bathtub.  Loud noises just terrify her.  With no conventional public firework displays it gave people all the more reason to load up and shoot their own shit up in the air.  There was a time in my life where I thought fireworks were cool.  That time has passed.

Sunday followed the same pattern as the rest of the weekend, getting stuff done. I was both inside and outside attending to stuff after Cindy and I ran to my office in the morning so I could do a brief after hours task.  I finally got my one Prusa printer back up and running.  I rely heavily on the Prusa printers for my stand production since they offer the best print quality.  With as many printers I have it always seems like one or two need something fixed.

It felt good to get a lot of stuff done over the holiday weekend.  I emerged from the other side limping but satisfied.



I still have testing to do on the V11 and a limited time frame to do it so I decided to get my swamp ride in last night, the perfect test for a suspension EUC.  I had never entered the swamp in the evening so it was a bit different.  The high temps and humidity had me sweating through my t-shirt in no time whatsoever.  The wheel pleasantly surprised me with how well it performed absorbing the countless bumps along the swamp trail.  The experience solidified my excitement for having picked the V11 as my suspension wheel.

I only have a two day week since the office is closed tomorrow for 4th of July since it occurs over a weekend.  Since I was away last week I have a literal TON of things I want to get done which has to be blended in with me wrapping up my filming of the V11 for my review series.  As always I will plow full speed ahead until I something stops me.

I don’t have the time, patience, or memory to recap my six day road trip to PA in exquisite detail.  Often I will try to write as I am on the road to make the process easier.  Because I spent a lot of that free time documenting and making videos about the V11 I did not have any spare time to blog stuff.

I pulled out a little after 7AM on Thursday morning.  My route was not what it normally would be for a road trip where I would head directly north on I-75.  Instead I headed across Alligator Alley to pick up the Inmotion V11 demo wheel from Mickey.  Once I was there we rode around and talked for a little bit so it put me at a time deficit that affected the rest of my travel for the day.

Up until the point, the farthest I ever went in the Tesla was the Orlando area, this was my first interstate road trip.  The car makes the process pretty painless as long as you don’t mind the 30 minute breaks to supercharge.  The roughly 1200 mile trip required 7 supercharging stops to complete the journey.  It really isn’t as big of a deal as it may seem as you are going to normally be stopping for bathroom and food breaks anyway.  I tried to combine these together wherever possible.

Most of the superchargers were nearby retail locations so I had options.  There was one in particular that had no amenities whatsoever.  The superchargers were located in an overflow parking lot of an airport.  I had to pay to park there (only 1$) but there was nothing around.  I had to pee like crazy so my restroom at that location was the woods nearby.  I also spent some time charging riding around the V11, some of which I recorded.

I ended my first day of travel in Santee, SC.  I stayed at a Holiday Inn that was overpriced for what it offered.  Despite driving until 10PM I only had covered about half of the miles to PA, due to my late start.  Despite the long day I was still more or less enjoying the adventure of the road trip.  That excitement wore out about halfway through the second day.

My drive on Friday was going ok until I got closer to the Washington DC area.  I became ensnared in seemingly endless traffic that pushed me to the brink.  I saw at least a half dozen accidents during that time period.  When I started off the day the car predicted my arrival in Lenhartsville would be around 6:30PM.  I didn’t actually get there until after 9PM Friday night.  I was greeted by my dad, stepmom, Patrick and Nico who drove in from Pittsburgh.  I immediately plugged the Tesla in to an outlet in dad’s garage.  I wasn’t thrilled when I saw it was only charging at 1 KW rate which is dreadfully slow, even for 110 volt power.  For reference sake at a supercharger I am pulling power as fast as 175KW.

My late arrival meant we only hung out briefly before packing it in for bed.  Two days of driving past 9PM in a row had left me pretty worn out.  Of course I said hi to Clara their dog.  It felt strange and sad to not have Maggie there as well, who passed away recently.  She was always a very fun part of the dad visitation experience for the last 15 years.

I slept well Friday night .  On Saturday after downing a bowl of cereal dad and I went out to supercharge the Tesla, it was his first ride in one.  The closest supercharger was about 15 miles away in Allentown.  Dad was impressed with the way the car drove and just how quickly supercharging occurs.  After we were done I grabbed a Dunkin Donuts coffee and we made a stop at dad’s newspaper source before heading home.

Patrick and I did some EUC riding later that morning.  He had brought his Segway S1 that I bought him a couple years ago.  He has gotten proficient at riding since then.  We rode the big grassy areas of the property before heading down the gravel road.

As we traveled Patrick spotted a steep washed out stone path up the middle of a cornfield.  He said that would be a good test of the V11 that I was riding.  I agreed and took a shot at climbing it.  Points of the road were extremely steep, steeper than I have ever ridden on an EUC.  I had to stop and start a couple times during the climb but I did complete it.  It was an unexpected but pretty cool test of the power of this new suspension wheel.

Prior to Todd’s party I had run out to get a pair of headphones to help me edit video during the trip.  Walmart was my closest option.  As I was waiting to make a left turn into the shopping center I all of sudden feel and hear impact to the car from the rear.  WTF???  I look in the rear view mirror and see a Ford Explorer pressed up against the rear of my Tesla.

I shot out of my car, angry.  I approach the Ford and see an older woman behind the wheel, staring straight ahead.  She seemed a bit dazed.  Seeing it was an old woman took a bit of my aggression away.  I asked her what happened. She continued to stare ahead and just said “I don’t know….”

I told her we can pull up into the shopping center so we weren’t blocking traffic.  She said nothing but I assumed she understood.  The turning arrow went green and I pulled up into the parking lot of a McD’s.  The woman did not follow, instead she just stayed at the light and let it turn red.  In the meantime I got out of the car to survey the damage.  I felt somewhat relieved when all I could see was a small nick in the paint from the front license plate screw.

I walked over to the edge of the hill waiting, so the woman could clearly see me.  The turn arrow went green and she pulled into the shopping center.  But instead of coming into the lot where I was she continued driving, right out the other side and back onto the roads.  As she drove by me I stood there with my arms out in disbelief, this old lady hit and run me.  At that moment I did a very fast effort/value calculation.  I could have jumped in my Tesla and tried to track her down but she already had a large head start on me and I could not tell which direction she went once she got out of my sight.  I factored in that the damage was very minor and the time/effort that would be involved with chasing her down and/or getting local police involved.  I did not have that sort of time since Todd’s party was that afternoon.  I decided to let the old confused woman go without chase.  I could only hope karma bites her in the ass at some point.

Todd’s party was scheduled to start at 3PM.  I originally wanted my visit to be a surprise but my presence was revealed by my stupidity.  I had posted some pictures to InstaGram which I didn’t think Todd was a member of.  However I didn’t think about how I had my account set to automatically post pictures to Facebook as well, which Todd saw.  I felt dumb but oh well, it’s the thought that counts I guess.

The weather forecast was looking iffy with rain.  The idea of having 30+ people indoors was not something that appealed to me at all and I had my mask packed for that situation.  Instead the rain stopped and most of the party was held in a mix of sun/cloud outdoors.  Todd’s girlfriend Mindy really put effort into the event, having it catered with two large tents and ample decorations everywhere.  Although the element of surprise was lost Todd was still glad to see me.

I did not know most of the people at the party which was not unexpected.  I spent most of the time by the pool area hanging with my sister Meg and her family.  Their two little girls are beyond cute.  There was copious amounts of food and drink available.  I only had three or four drinks over the roughly 3-4 hours I was there, conscious that I had to drive the Tesla home to Lenhartsville.

I intentionally tried to limit my interactions with others as nobody was wearing a mask outside of one person I saw briefly.  Being outdoors and spread out helped some but I still could not get away from the feeling that this was not the best thing to be doing during a pandemic that is speeding up instead of slowing down.

I did get to also interact with Oakley and Bailey the two huge Alaskan Malamutes.  They were in the back yard instead of their crates which was nice.  Unfortunately with their shaggy coats being designed for frigid climates instead of humid PA summer, both dogs looked very hot and uncomfortable.

On Sunday morning I wanted to go find a shoo fly pie to take back home for Cindy. My dad told me a place called Dietrich’s Meats had them and was relatively nearby.  I had never heard of the place before but evidently it is a big deal.


When I walked into the store it was pretty busy with people mulling about looking at the various meat products including pickled pig snout and feet to name a couple.  I quickly found the shoo fly pies and grabbed two, one for us and one for Patrick who requested one.  As I was waiting to check out an old lady, who I later found out was named Verna, was trying to get me to buy some peach pies.  She told me they were just out of the oven and were delicious. I told her I am sure they are delicious but all I needed was the shoo fly for now.  My dad and Teresa said Verna always is trying to sell more pies.  They also said people drive in from far away as New York to patronize Dietrich’s.  I guess their meat is just that good, too bad my diet doesn’t include most of what they sell.

Later in the day my dad, Pat and Nico went on a little trip in the Tesla.  The first stop was Wanamaker’s General Store, a super quaint and old fashioned general store.  In some ways it reminded me of Brightbills, the only store in Gouglerville, where I grew up, where I bought most of my baseball card collection.

I bought my only non-shoo fly souvenirs from the trip there, they had an interesting combination of stuff there including conventional grocery items and a sandwich shop, which we ordered our lunch from.  We enjoyed our lunch outside on a picnic table while we watched an old passenger train that is a tourist attraction load up and roll out.  It was an unexpected little experience that I really liked.

Dad then steered us to an ice cream shop that literally seemed to be in the middle of nowhere.  The narrow road twisted up through the woods, opening up to a farm that just happened to have an ice cream shoppe.  It again was a very cool place with delicious homemade ice cream.  The farm also houses several THOUSAND chickens.  They sell millions of eggs per year.

We made arrangements to meet up with Todd and his family for dinner at Beverly Hills Tavern where my niece Caroline works.  She was working that night so it was a way to see her before I pushed off for Florida the next morning.  I had not been to Beverly Hills in probably 25 years.  They had added a huge outdoor seating area that I never saw before.  Thanks to covid 19 the place was only about half full.  They required everyone to wear a mask if they left their table, which is something I guess.

It was nice to have the gang altogether before we all headed back to where we came from.  Patrick and Nico where driving straight to Pittsburgh after the meal.  I was getting up at 5AM for a very early departure as well.  Todd thanked me for coming up and we said goodbye to everyone else.  I have made two trips to PA within 6 months, a rarity that is unlikely to be repeated anytime soon.

I tried to get my stuff mostly packed and ready to go Sunday night so I could get out as early as possible Monday morning.  Since my car had been plugged in for awhile, even with the dreadfully slow charge rate, it was full and ready to go by the time I left at 6AM.  I said goodbye to my dad and stepmom.  Even though it was a lightning quick two day visit it felt like I crammed a lot of memories into that relatively short time period.

The drive south over the next two days went dramatically better than the way up.  I hit no appreciable traffic and thanks to my “steering wheel balancer” I was able to more or less experience FSD (full self driving) on the interstates for the vast majority of the drive.  It felt like I was in a one person train.  I pushed hard the first day, getting all the way to Kingsland Georgia.  I used a different charging strategy on the way back that saved time.  Instead of charging my car almost to full, I charged it just enough to ensure I could make it to the next supercharging destination.  Doing so really helped shave off some charge time along the way.

Getting so far on Monday allowed me to get home by 2PM on Tuesday which was great.  I arrived to a new mower sitting in the garage which was just dropped off a few minutes prior to my arrival. Elsa and Cindy both gave me a very warm greeting which was much appreciated.  Cindy showed me our bedroom which she had repainted while I was gone.  The new color is a big change but I like it.

From the time I got home until bedtime felt like a big blur.  I was buzzing around the house tending to all sorts of things.  Even when I stopped to eat dinner and watch some shows with Cindy my mind was still processing all that yet needed to be done over the next few days.  The trip was fun adventure but as is always the case, it was great to be home with all things familiar with our little family unit in place. If you want to see a video of the drive up, here you go.







Like most things in the world Covid 19 has become weaponized as a political tool.  Those that try to be conscientious of others by wearing masks, limiting social engagement and things of the sort are now “libertards”.  Those that could care less about taking measures to limit their ability to infect others are hell yea maverick ‘mericans!  Freedom!

My opinion on the subject as it is often the case, falls on both sides.  Does it seem clear to me that there has been a bunch of conflicting information put out via mass media regarding covid 19?  Yes.  Do I think there have been efforts to inflate covid 19 numbers to generate both fear and revenue? Without a doubt it has.  The medical industry has been extremely generous attaching the covid 19 code to hospitalization cases and especially deaths because it results in significantly more payment being sent to them by the government.  George Floyd will go down in the books as being a covid 19 death even though he was asymptomatic and had a police officers knee on his neck for 8 minutes and change. Do I think that the affect of covid 19 is drastically more deadly than the yearly flu?  The numbers say only slightly so, at best.  I think the higher mortality rates at the beginning of this were reflective of a poor understanding of how to treat it.  It seems like putting someone on a ventilator, which was initially described as life saving was actually in reality more of a death sentence.

On the flip side, do I think it’s a bad thing for people to wear masks to knock down their personal transmission radius? No of course not.  Do I think that making steps to practice social distancing and increased personal hygiene is wasted effort?  Nope, in fact I think some aspects of this will become the new norm, at least for the foreseeable future.  There are still a lot of fuzzy facts regarding covid 19 and until we have a clear picture, asking people to practice these admittedly somewhat inconvenient actions is not the end of the world.

Mis and disinformation in our society is so rampant that developing an opinion based on actual facts is increasingly difficult if not impossible to do. It seems like most people skip the fact finding effort all together and rely solely on internet memes to both entertain and inform themselves.




Cindy has been looking for a used armoire for our bedroom for a little while.  She found one that we targeted for pickup yesterday after I was done working. These massive pieces of furniture are infamous for being miserable to move because of their size and weight.  Luckily this piece has a top and bottom section which made the process more tolerable.

I thought Cindy and I were going to have to load the piece in the truck but the husband, who was older, was still willing to be the other half of my hoist team which I appreciated.  We got both pieces into the back of the Tacoma without issue although it was a tight squeeze.  Cindy and I switched vehicles for the drive home with her hopping in the Tesla and me in the truck.  If something happened to the furniture I wanted it to be my fault.

We were very fortunate to avoid now typical afternoon rain on the drive home.  Unloading the pieces was a little tougher and instead of furniture sliders we used the hand truck to wheel both pieces into the bedroom.  We carefully placed the armoire in the spot Cindy had cleared out.  The sketchiest part was lifting the top piece into place but even that went relatively well. I escaped the move without any new injuries.  Unfortunately the knee and lower back pain I entered with remained after the task was completed.

Yesterday Lowes, joined the ranks of Miguel the landscaper, Echelon Bikes, and a few other individuals that are unable to follow through on what they say.  The new tractor I ordered from Lowes supposedly was going to be delivered to the house today.  Yesterday Cindy got a call that instead it would be delivered to the store on June 29th, assembled, and THEN a delivery scheduled sometime after that.  I mean this is nothing new in our world.  I am constantly running into individuals and businesses that put little to no importance on meeting expectations they set themselves.  As much as it happens you would think it would bother me less.





Saturday was one of those days where I wanted to get a lot of shit done and no excuses were going to stop me.  It was hot and humid as hell as soon as the sun got above the horizon, making outside work, which I exclusively had scheduled, shitty.  After doing the normal extended Saturday chicken clean up and weeding the property I headed out to Home Depot and a few other stops.  After lunch the work began in earnest with me changing the oil on the Tacoma, Cindy’s Ioniq, and the tractor for good measure.

I had an annoying incident while changing the oil on the Tacoma.  I misaligned the oil catch basin underneath the drain plug.  The end result of this was hot oil bouncing off the edge of the pan and into my hair.  I quickly shoved the pan over to catch the oil.  When I did that I realized my second mistake, I forgot to unscrew the drain plug so the oil was just collecting on the top of the container.  Luckily the flow slowed before it overflowed the capacity.  I had to grab a needle nose pliers to fish into the hot oil and spin the plug off, it was comedic.

After the oil change fiasco was done I decided I needed to mow the property, despite ominous clouds quickly gathering overhead.  I was able to get through a little more than 3/4 of the mowing before it started to rain, hard.  Short of a direct lightning strike I had no intentions of stopping.  I parked the tractor after completion soaking wet but happy to accomplish what I set out to do.

Deb came over Saturday night.  We had a fun time as usual getting some PEV riding in as well as watching Cold Pursuit another Liam Neisen revenge film.  I have lost count of how many he has made at this point.  Despite being in his late 60’s he still does a good job in that role.  The movie itself was sort of funny, it almost had a Quentin Tarrintino feel to it.  Being drunk definitely helped my enjoyment of what was a B film at best.

Sunday was Father’s Day.  I called and left a message for my dad early, he called me back later in the day after he discovered his phone was not ringing.  Although I am not a father to a person I do have a lot of animals that look at me that way.  Cindy got me a card from Elsa and the chickens which was sweet.  Later in the morning I took my OneWheel Pint out for a quick ride.  My lower body is still really in bad shape with left knee and lower back pain that is not getting better very quickly.

When I got back to the house DJ was there, we were babysitting him for a few hours while the kids went to the beach.  As soon as he sees me he reaches out with both arms, for whatever reason he really likes being held by me.  The funny thing is he refers to me as “mama” which seems to be his catch all phrase for people he likes.  I had a number of things I needed to get done yesterday afternoon so I felt bad trying to do them when DJ wanted my attention.

Cindy made a big effort to handle any and all chores around the house on Sunday herself which was nice but at the same time made me feel somewhat lazy, which sounds odd but true.  I had another flood of 3D EUC orders yesterday.  We have been getting Cindy involved in processing the orders lately so yesterday was a very good practice session.  I have already smashed my prior months best in sales with 8 or 9 days to go.  Right now supply is not keeping up with demand, despite me having 3-4 printers more or less running around the clock.  It’s a nice problem to have.




It’s nice having a two day work week as I have been ground down to a nub from my hectic S18 riding/filming schedule over the last several days.  Today I was going to drop off the big box with the wheel to ship it out and had a frustrating experience.  Normally I drop these off at the Fed Ex ship center that is sort of on my way to work.  It opens at 7:30 AM so the timing works out, well it used to.

So I pull up at 7:28 and see no lights on yet which is not unusual as the clerk normally only shows up right at 7:30.  So I wait and it’s now 7:35 and no action yet, weird.  I decided to get out of the truck and look at the door.  A sign is posted with their new covid hours, they now open at 9AM, shit.  Ok so I knew there was a Walgreens across the street and that they are now supposedly a FedEx drop off center.  I drive over there and walk in without the box at first just to confirm I can drop off stuff there.  They say yes, as long as it already has a label, which it does, great!

I pick up the large and heavy box and pack mule it inside to the rear wall of the building where the FedEx stuff is.  The guy scans the label and tells me the box is too heavy to be dropped off at Walgreens. WTF?  He apologized but said they are only allowed to accept boxes up to 40 pounds for some unknown reason.  I grumpily picked the box back up and waddled back out to the truck with it.  I now have to head out of the office later today and try to drop the box off at a nearby location.  It’s been a pain in the ass start to my Friday.

Speaking of pain in the ass, I sent one final text message to Miguel yesterday regarding the sod.  I told him I wasn’t sure why he never finished rolling the sod but I wanted to know if he still intended to finish the work.  I told him I have had a check written out for the balance sitting on my counter since the day the roller was dropped off, when I assumed that meant he was going to actually do the work.  I asked if he could let me know if he planned to complete the work or not so I would know if I should cut up the check  or not.  I finished with, if you choose to not respond to this text message as well I will assume that means you aren’t going to finish the work.

I sent the message nearly 24 hours ago.  If I don’t hear anything by the end of the weekend the check will go in the shredder and I’ll just let mother nature and the elements smooth out the sod over time.  It’s so aggravating dealing with people that over promise and under deliver.

This weekend I have normal menial tasks to attend to that don’t require much planning or preparation.  I just shipped my 600th order from the 3D store, crazy.